Managing construction health risks: Involving workers

Involving workers is key to effectively managing any risks. It is particularly important for many health issues where symptoms may take some time to appear.


You must consult your employees by law. It does not cost much to do and there are many potential benefits for both workers and employers.

Workers get:

  • a voice and a chance to influence the work that affects their health
  • a better understanding of the risks and why they are being asked to do certain things
  • to feel more valued and greater job satisfaction

Employers benefit from this by:

  • getting assurance that risk assessments and control use are appropriate
  • motivated workers having less sickness absence and increased productivity
  • being better able to keep skilled staff and attract new quality workers
  • improved insurance ratings
  • demonstrating corporate social responsibility

Remember – Telling workers about health risks means they may only know about them, but not really appreciate how to look after themselves and others. Involving them means they will understand these risks more and be in a much better position to help you do something about it.


There are some simple tools available to help you with involving workers. In particular:

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Updated 2023-09-06