COSHH task sheets

Offshore COSHH Essentials was prepared in partnership by an HSE/Industry/Unions working group and describes good control practice for controlling exposure to chemicals, for a range of common processes and tasks in the offshore industry. The guidance is aimed at managers, safety practitioners, offshore medics and safety representatives in the offshore oil and gas industry, who have responsibility for managing the control of substances hazardous to health. The guidance consists of a series of Offshore COSHH Essentials (OCE) sheets giving practical advice on good control practice for specific tasks and a series of Offshore COSHH Method (OCM) sheets, which give advice on generic COSHH issues such as PPE, health surveillance etc. These OCE and OCM series are part of a suite of guidance on offshore health risks and includes Offshore Food Essentials (OFE) and Offshore Radiation Essentials (ORE).

COSHH and the offshore oil and gas industry

Operations notices

Operations notices are intended to advise the offshore industry of new regulatory requirements, contact points within the Energy Division for communications (eg accident/incident reporting) and of other Government requirements with respect to offshore operations which may have safety implications.

Safety alerts and notices

Safety alerts are a mechanism for urgent notifications to industry, and are normally used to make the interim findings of accident investigations known where urgent action may be required.

Safety notices highlight matters of concern in generic safety issues, which inspectors have identified and forewarn sector dutyholders of potential dangers. In the main, they deal with hardware-related issues, hazards and controls.

Offshore information sheets

Offshore information sheets provide good practice guidance on a range of technical issues.

Offshore workforce involvement and consultation

HSE has completed an inspection programme to check industry compliance with the provision of the SI971 Offshore Installations Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1989. The inspections heightened the role of elected offshore safety representatives and committees, gained improvements in a number of areas and identified numerous examples of innovative practices.

Report on HSE's SI 971 Compliance Inspection Project


HSE has produced various free offshore leaflets which you can also get online.

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