Electrical and control systems

Safe electrical equipment and methods of working are important to prevent injuries due to electric shock and burns and explosions. Offshore installations use safety-related control systems to help avert major incidents resulting from loss of containment.

The electrical and control systems topic includes:

  • prevention of electrical shock and injuries due to arcing, fire and explosion caused be electrical equipment and systems
  • electrical generation and distribution
  • safety instrumented systems (including fire and gas detection, emergency shut-down, process shut-down, pressure protection, marine control)
  • process control instrumentation and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • machinery control systems (including drill floor machinery)
  • dynamic positioning systems
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control and monitoring
  • communications (including PA/GA and remote communications)

As well as undertaking inspections, investigations and assessments, Offshore Division's Electrical and Control Systems Topic Team contributes to a wide range of projects and activities within the industry. It also contributes to the development and maintenance of offshore oil and gas industry guidance and international and international standards.

Updated 2021-02-17