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Offshore information sheets

No Year Title
1 2006 Testing regime for offshore TR-HVAC fire dampers & TR pressurisation requirements
3 2006 Guidance on risk assessment for offshore installations
4 2007 Jack-up (self-elevating) installations: rack phase difference
6 2007 Jack-up (self-elevating) installations: floating damage stability survivability
9 2007 The thorough examination and inspection of offshore cranes
10 2007 Testing of TEMPSC release gear
11 2007 Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 2005 HSE's involvement in the design and construction process (including processing of design notifications)
12 2007 Advice on acceptable criteria for damaged passive fire protection (PFP) coatings
14 2007 Guidance on regulations and testing applicable to drawworks equipment
2 2008 Verification during decommissioning and dismantling
4 2008 The risks posed by exposure to inerting gases in the open air
5 2008 Advice on gas detection strategies for HVAC duct inlets
6 2008 Ensuring the wearing of immersion suits in helicopter evacuation or escape to sea
9 2008 Modelling of pool fires in offshore hazard assessments
10 2008 Fire and explosion hazards in offshore gas turbines
11 2008 Contaminated lagging and self-heating
12 2008 Big persons in lifeboats
1 2009 Explosion hazards due to spray releases
2 2009 Hydrocarbon Releases (HCR's) Offshore
3 2009 Tumble dryer fires in laundry rooms
4 2009 Guidance on management of ageing and thorough reviews of ageing installations [PDF 96KB]
5 2009 Provision of active fire protection on offshore installations
6 2009 Managing hydrogen sulphide detection offshore
7 2009 Lifejackets for abandonment from an offshore installation
8 2009 Oil mist hazards on dual fuel diesel engines
1 2010 Water deluge systems: Testing and performance measurements
2 2010 Reducing the risks of hazardous accumulations of flammable/toxic gases in tanks and voids adjacent to cargo tanks on FPSO and FSU installations
3 2010 High voltage electric motors for use in hazardous atmospheres
4 2010 Managing the segregation and isolation of potable water systems on offshore installations
1 2011 Inspection and maintenance of explosion protected (Ex) electrical equipment in hazardous areas
2 2011 Safe operation and maintenance of unearthed electrical distribution system
3 2011 Material change to a safety case
4 2011 Flooding risk to machinery spaces of floating offshore installations: Guidelines on inspection of ship side valves; flood detection and control; inspection and training
5 2011 Offshore helideck design considerations - environmental effects
6 2011 Offshore helidecks - testing of helideck foam production systems
1 2012 Effective implementation of offshore verification requirements
1 2013 Application of health and safety law offshore
2 2013 Drill-floor machinery and tubular-handling safety
3 2013 Fit testing of respiratory protective equipment for work on offshore installation
4 2013 Offshore installation moorings
1 2014 Training for emergencies on offshore installations
1 2018 Managing offshore shift work and fatigue risk
1 2019 Considerations for Walk to Work and Multi Operation Vessels – Regulatory Guidance
2 2019 Regulatory expectations for emergency response arrangements for the offshore renewable energy industry
3 2019 Structural response to vessel impact
4 2019 Structural response to seisimic event
5 2019 Caisson structural integrity (Rev 1)
6 2019 Structural Integrity Management
1 2020 The safe approach, set-up and departure of jack-up rigs to fixed installations (REV 1)
1 2021 Structural response to fire and explosion
2 2021 Structural integrity requirements for the decommissioning and dismantlement of fixed offshore installations
Updated 2021-07-14