Offshore research


HSE's Energy Division (ED) research is undertaken by a mixture of:

ED's strategy sets out how our research programme is identified and prioritised. The requirements are based on an assessment of ED's future business needs in relation to offshore health and safety regulation.

ED's Research priorities

Research reports

All of HSE's Research Reports are published on our website. For ease of reference a full list of offshore specific reports is also available.

International Committee On Regulatory Authority Research And Development (ICRARD)

HSE is a member of ICRARD which is dedicated to disseminating knowledge in the area of health, safety and environment in the petroleum sector. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, The Netherlands, UK, and the USA are members. ICRARD's web site provides an overview of ongoing research programs and projects in the member countries, and includes links to key contacts, research programs and institutes etc.

Current programme of offshore research

Our current programme includes the following projects:

Updated 2021-02-17