Maritime integrity

The maritime integrity topic applies to all floating installations, including jack-up drilling units. The maritime hazards are:

  • loss of stability, arising from collision or uncontrolled flooding
  • loss of position, arising from some failure within the mooring system or dynamic positioning (DP) system.

Present topic areas of attention include:

  • assurance of the integrity of mooring systems for production installations
  • management of offloading operations to shuttle tanker, including inert gas and hydrocarbon blanket gas systems
  • suitable inspection and repair programs to ensure continued watertight integrity
  • arrangements to ensure the provision of competent, experienced personnel, both offshore and onshore
  • supervision and control of DP operations of the installation, and of vessels in close attendance, including gangway management
  • control and management of work activities inside ballast and cargo tanks.


Updated 2021-07-02