Delivering the solution together: A strategy for the waste management and recycling industry (2012 - 2015)

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In 2009 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched a strategy for the health and safety system as a whole, The Health and Safety of Great Britain - Be Part of the Solution

The strategy provides the overall strategic framework for maintaining and improving Great Britain's health and safety performance. It sets out a clear statement of core principles and priorities as well as a number of objectives for improving health and safety performance across the board without any specific industry focus. It also explains that to achieve improved performance all stakeholders - be they employers, manufacturers, suppliers, workers, third-party organisations, HSE or local authorities - have to understand their role and discharge their responsibilities.

Within the framework of the HSE Strategy, a number of individual sector strategies have been developed, with stakeholder involvement. Each sector strategy sets out a series of aims grouped under the goals of the HSE Strategy which, if met, would address 'what' needs to be done for each sector to improve its health and safety performance.

Collaboratively the HSE and industry stakeholders have developed a sector strategy for the waste management and recycling industry incorporating elements of the existing four year Waste Industry Health and Safety (WISH) Forum strategy.

The aims of the strategy are to achieve a 10% year on year reduction in RIDDOR reported accident rates and zero deaths in the industry. This will be delivered through five key themes: leadership, worker involvement, building competence, creating healthier and safer workplaces and providing support for SMEs.

Individually or collectively, it is up to the industry to determine and take actions to ensure delivery of the strategy ie the 'how' it will be achieved. A good example of the industry taking action is the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum Blueprint.

Case studies

These case studies highlight examples of how a range of businesses across the sector have taken action to improve health and safety performance, working towards achieving the strategy goals.

If you would like to share the actions you have taken please send us your case study.

Statement of intent

As part of the waste management industry strategy 2012-15 we developed a statement of intent.

The Waste Industry Health and Safety (WISH) Forum has expressed its support and commitment to delivering the strategy. Find out who else expressed their commitment and signed up to the statement of intent.

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