WISH guidance

WISH has published guidance on key health and safety issues within the industry. Current WISH series guidance includes:

  • Waste03 - Orphaned compressed gas cylinders in the waste and recycling industries
  • Waste04 - Waste and recycling vehicles in street collection
  • Waste05 - The safe use of refuse collection vehicle hoists and bins
  • Waste06 - Skip and container safety in waste management and recycling
  • Waste08 - Compaction equipment: User and public safety
  • Waste09 - Safe transport in the waste management and recycling industry
  • Waste10 - Petrol recovery from end-of-life vehicles
  • Waste11 - Safety at 'bring-sites' in the waste management and recycling industry
  • Waste13 - Designing and operating material recycling facilities (MRFs) safely
  • Waste16 - Reducing noise risks from kerbside glass collection
  • Waste18 - Hand sorting of recyclables ('totting') with vehicle assistance
  • Waste21 - Health and safety training in waste management and recycling
  • Waste22 - Handling offensive/hygiene waste safely
  • Waste23 - Safe waste and recycling collection services
  • Waste 24 - Safe cleansing on the highway - Managing the risks associated with manual and mechanical cleansing
  • Waste25 - Managing access to large waste and recycling bins
  • Waste26 - Managing health and safety in civic amenity sites
  • Waste27 - Health and hazardous substances in waste and recycling
  • Waste28 - Reducing fire risk at waste management sites

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Updated 2021-07-01