Delivering the solution together - Submit a case study

To submit a case study please submit the following information to [email protected]

  • Organisation(s): (Name, address/contact details)
  • Case study contact: (Name, Phone Number / E-Mail)

Bullet description of case study:

  • What it is / what did they do/are doing?
  • Who was / is it aimed at?
  • What were the results and / or potential impact?
  • Which strategy goal/s does it relate to?
    • Leadership
    • Competence
    • Worker Involvement
    • Creating healthier, safer workplaces
    • Customising support for SMEs

Summary narrative description

 Ideally, case studies should be:

  • No more than 300 words
  • Post June 2009 (when the Strategy for GB was launched).
  • Examples of stakeholders taking positive action to improve H&S in their own organisation;
  • Examples of stakeholders working with HSE towards strategic goals;
  • Aligned in some way to the strategic themes;
  • Examples of stakeholders responding directly to the Strategy 'call to action'.

Include where possible:

  • Evidence of positive results
  • Suitable photo/s [sent separately as JPEG high resolution and not embedded in word document]

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Updated 2020-07-30