WISH structure, strategy and actions

WISH structure

More detail about the organisation and structure of the WISH forum can be found in:

Traditionally WISH has worked to identify and drawn up solutions and guidance to health and safety issues within the industry. This has subsequently been published as WISH endorsed good practice guidance on the HSE website.

WISH will continue to promote, publicise, facilitate and bring about implementation of the actions that can reduce workplace accident and occupational ill health incidence rates. 

WISH members have agreed and set targets for the industry to improve health and safety performance, the strategic agenda for which is set out below.  Key steps towards implementation include:

It is recognised that these targets are high level and that each organisation represented on WISH will have to work with its members and others to bring about the necessary changes.  No single scheme or programme is likely to be suitable for all; it is expected that the range of activities practiced by individuals; representative organisations and individual employers will vary greatly.

WISH will use a range of agreed metrics for measuring progress against the targets.  Hard data such as accident numbers will be measured using the same methodology as in BOMEL 1 & 2 or other suitable data source.   WISH will devise protocols to measure progress against other targets; this may include sampling and/or survey.

WISH strategy and actions – the Blueprint

The first WISH Forum strategy was launched in January 2009 and runs until December 2013.

In 2012, the WISH Forum steering group agreed it would adopt the wider HSE strategy for the industry which runs into 2015.

This new strategy incorporates important elements of and builds on the first WISH Forum Strategy. Because of this overlap and continuum the relevant strategic objectives from the first WISH strategy will be allowed run their natural course.

At the industry summit event held in February 2013 the WISH Forum publically expressed its support and commitment to delivering the wider HSE strategy . It has signed the statement of intent and developed a Blueprint of actions to help deliver the strategy.

To find out more about progress with the Blueprint actions and how you can get involved check out the updates in the Wish Working Groups.

Updated 2021-06-30