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Slips and trips in waste management and recycling 

Slips and trips are the cause of many injuries at work. However, effective solutions that are often simple and cheap can improve working conditions and productivity in the workplace. Visit the HSE slips and trips website for more advice.

Our leaflet on manual handling provides ideas on how to eliminate the need for carrying, an activity which often causes people to lose their balance.

Slips and trips in the fixed workplace (outdoor areas)

As rain, puddles, mud, ice and poor lighting increase the risk of accidents in outdoor areas, you should consider the following:

Major causes of slips and trips

Here is a brief checklist of some of the major causes of slips and trips at waste management sites and possible solutions.

Spillage of items and wet and dry substances

Waste mounds on floors (eg before loading into compactors or before sorting)

Trailing cables, hoses etc

Office rugs, mats, lino, tiles etc

Slippery surfaces

Changes from wet to dry floor surface

Poor lighting

Changes in floor level-slopes and steps

Unsuitable footwear

Updated 2020-07-30