Civic Amenity (CA), Bring Sites and HWRCs

Whilst Civic Amenity (CA), Bring Sites (eg bottle, clothing and paper banks found in public places) and Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRC) (which cater for a wider range of recyclables), are an essential part of the waste management chain, they pose certain risks to staff and members of the public.

Major injury risks include:

Help to control risks on your site by:

  • selecting and maintaining suitable equipment, especially vehicles and materials handling equipment;
  • adopting a safe site layout and traffic control measures (for example see Cumbria County Council case study);
  • designing and maintaining safe operating procedures;
  • organising competency training for employees; and
  • providing visitors with adequate supervision, information and instruction.

Main occupational ill-health risks:

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Updated 2021-06-30