Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)for aerial tree work

When climbing trees, chainsaw users should wear the following:

  • A safety helmet (AFAG recommends a mountaineering style helmet complying with BS EN 12492).
  • Eye protection (complying with either BS EN 1731 or BS EN 166).
  • Hearing protection (complying with BS EN 352).
  • Suitable gloves appropriate to the task and subject to the operator's risk assessment.
  • Leg protection* and groin protection (complying with BS EN 381-5). AFAG strongly recommends Type C leg protection for aerial work, because of the high all-round chainsaw cut protection. However, where wearing Type C is impractical (eg because of the higher risk of heat stress associated with it), it may be appropriate to use Type A, where justified by risk assessment.
  • Protective boots* with good grip and protective guarding at front vamp and instep (complying with BS EN ISO 20345).
  • Non-snag outer clothing. The use of high-visibility clothing may also be appropriate.

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