Are you a ... sprayer?

What you need to know

Pesticides can cause skin and respiratory problems. If you spray pesticides you must be trained and competent to do the work. If you were born after 31 December 1964 or you will be spraying as a commercial service, you must hold the appropriate Certificate of Competence National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) or Scottish Skills Testing Service (SSTS), unless you are under the direct and personal supervision of a person who holds such a certificate.

If you were born before 31 December 1964 and you work on your own or your employer's land, you need to be able to demonstrate competence and show proof of appropriate training.

Personal protective equipment

  • Use the personal protective equipment (PPR) your employer supplies.
  • Always put on and take off your protective clothing in the correct order to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces.

At the end of each work period:

  • Thoroughly wash the outsides of gloves in soap and water and wipe off surplus moisture
  • Thoroughly wash down the overall/suit
  • Remove protective clothing in the correct order
  • Thoroughly wash hands in soap and water and dry well.
  • Tell your employer if your protective clothing is damaged or worn out.

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