Quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles

What you need to know

Quad bikes (sit-on vehicles) and all-terrain vehicles (sit-in) have been involved in many serious incidents in forestry. Head injuries are the most common cause of death.

What you need to do

Everyone who drives a quad bike or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) should:

  • Have received adequate training and know how to do the tasks required (if you supply a new vehicle, the operator may require additional training)
  • Drive with due care and attention at all times
  • Be aware of other forest users.
  • Quad bike riders should always wear a helmet

All-terrain vehicles

ATVs used in forestry need to be fitted with rollover protective structures (ROPS) and seat belts, where there is a risk of being crushed or ejected during rollover.

This protection needs to extend to all passengers being carried. You must also assess what happens to the terrain in bad weather, and what risks this creates for those operating the vehicles.

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