UK authorised biocidal products

Lists of the biocidal products authorised under the relevant Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) for the Great Britain and Northern Ireland markets.


UK authorised biocidal products

Microsoft Excel, 1200KB

Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheets to:

  • select the list for Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  • read the definitions for the user categories and authorisation statuses
  • find out how to search, filter or sort any column


The lists provide the following details for each authorised product:

  • product name
  • authorisation holder
  • authorisation type
  • authorisation status
  • authorisation start and end date
  • expiry dates for making available on the market and use
  • active substance name
  • active substance CAS number (Chemical Abstracts Service)
  • active substance EC number
  • product type
  • user category

The product assessment reports (PARs), where held by HSE, are available to all members of the public free of charge.

To request an electronic version of a PAR for a product authorisation in GB please email: [email protected]

To request an electronic version of a PAR for a product authorisation in NI please email: [email protected]

Certificates of Exemption

Certificates of Exemption are issued for existing products that are currently being evaluated under GB BPR. They are only relevant for products where the original application for authorisation was made under the older Biocidal Products Directive.

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Updated 2024-04-30