COPR approved biocidal products

The database of COPR approved biocidal products provides details of products that have been approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) since May 2004 and can be supplied and / or used in Great Britain (GB) and / or Northern Ireland (NI). The database provides details such as:

The database is searchable by HSE number, product name, marketing company, active substance name, user, restriction of use phrase, status, sale date and disposal date or a combination of these.

All positive search results will display in a new page in numerical/alphabetical order and the number of results will be clearly displayed.

Alternative formats

You can also find details of products that have been approved or amended under COPR between May 2004 and November 2015 in pdf format on The National Archives website.

Approvals pre-May 2004

For details of products approved before May 2004, please contact us.

Updated 2021-07-19