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Fees and charges under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR)

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This page provides details on the fees and charges associated with administering the system for approving products under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR).

It is government policy that the costs of administering the regulatory system are recouped from industry. This is done by charging fees for product approval applications and by applying a levy (based on company turnover) chargeable across the pesticide industry.

HSE accepts payments by either cheque or bank transfer. The full payment details/methods will be outlined in your invoice.

Fees for processing COPR product applications

The fee payable broadly covers the costs involved in evaluating a product application; the amount charged is dependent on whether it is a Committee or Non-committee application.

The following fees will be applied to applications received by CRD from 6 April 2016. When you submit an application you will be invoiced for the appropriate fee.

Type of application Fee
New active ingredient £52,000
Committee Re-submission £26,000
Departmental £2,600
Secretariat £520
Back-to-back (within 12 months)* £312
Back-to-back £520
Experimental permit either £2,600 or £520
Rodenticide – Admin fast £296
Rodenticide - Fast £655
Amendment £156
Series change: 1 product - £156
1-2 products - £156
3-9 products - £312
10 products - £520

* A fee of £312 per application is charged if a number of identical product applications are requested at the same time as the original application; or when the original product on which the identical back-to-back is based was originally approved within the previous 12 months. If these criteria cannot be met, a fee of £520 per application is charged due to the amount of work involved.

Pesticides levy

It is important for all prospective Approval Holders to be aware that a levy is charged each year on HSE approved products

Under section 18 of the Food and Environment Act 1985, as amended by the Pesticides (Fees and Enforcement's) Act 1989, Ministers are empowered to recover costs of running and monitoring the system.

The levy collection exercise commences each year in September with a request to approval holders to declare) their sales turnover for a given 12-month period. Invoices are subsequently sent out the following January.

The levy is expressed as a percentage of the declared sales turnover, and each year approval holders are invoiced for the appropriate amount. If you want to find out more about the levy, how it is calculated and how it should be paid, you should contact us.

Updated 2020-06-02