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COPR fees

It is government policy that the costs of running the regulatory systems are recovered from industry. For the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) this is done by:

Approval fees

The amount charged is dependent on the route an application takes to approval as there are different amounts of work, and therefore different costs, involved in the evaluations.

Find out about the different routes to approval.

Please note that COPR fees are fixed which means:

Committee application types Fee

New active ingredient


Committee re-submission


Non-committee application types Fee







Back-to-back (within 12 months) *


* See details of the requirements for a reduced fee back-to-back within 12 months.

Amendments Fee

Amendment with updated schedule




Series change

1-2 products


3-9 products


10 products


Experimental permits Fee

Experimental permit - Departmental


Experimental permit - Secretariat


Full details of the accepted payment methods will be outlined in your invoice.


The levy rate varies from year to year depending on the total annual turnover of all products approved under COPR. In order to calculate this, every year in September, approval holders are asked to declare'their sales turnover for COPR approved products for a set 12-month period. If you want to find out more about the levy, how it is calculated and how it should be paid, you should contact us.

Updated 2020-11-09