Critical situation permit

Under Article 55 (1) of the GB Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR), HSE can issue critical situation permits to a company, UK Government Department, or individual that allow for the temporary and controlled use of biocidal products in Great Britain (GB) in the case of a danger to:

where that danger cannot be controlled by any other means.

Critical situation permits would typically be issued for products:

In any case, it must be demonstrated that the situation cannot be controlled by any other means therefore, before applying for a critical situation permit you should have first considered whether your needs can be met by:


Before you apply for a critical situation permit you should be able to demonstrate all of the following:

We strongly recommend contacting us to discuss your situation in further detail before submitting an application.

How to apply

The prospective permit holder or company acting on their behalf must submit, in English, a completed application form to [email protected] – companies may wish to mark emails as appropriate eg confidential. Please note that your application form may be returned if it is incomplete.

Only the application form should be submitted by email. All other relevant documentation / data must be submitted via the HSE Secure File Sharing Service, which may include:

Using the HSE Secure File Sharing Service

What HSE will do

After receiving your application HSE will:

What you should do

You should:

Things to note

Updated 2021-07-19