Managing essentials

Managing health risks is no different to managing safety risks. This page outlines the essential principles that you need to know.

  • FAQs – discover answers to Frequently Asked Questions on construction health risks.
  • Key points – understand the basic principles for managing health like safety.
  • Who does what? – the law places duties on all those involved in construction work. Find out what you have to do.
  • Assess – you cannot properly control construction health risks without first having clear plans. Discover more about what this involves.
  • Control – clear plans are no good if you do not act on them. Learn more about the controls available.
  • Review – you may already have controls in place but are they all working? Find out more about the key checks needed.
  • Welfare – workers have a right to decent welfare. This can also be an important control for some health risks. Understand what the law requires.
  • Involving workers – workers can play a key part in identifying solutions and developing a positive culture where health risks are managed effectively. Learn more about this.

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Updated 2022-11-01