Construction welfare: Changing, eating and rest areas

This page tells you what you need to provide for construction workers in terms of changing, lockers, eating and rest areas.


You need changing areas if workers have to wear special clothing and / or cannot change elsewhere. Men and women should be able to change separately.

These areas should have seating and facilities for drying clothing where needed. Keep any contaminated protective equipment separate from everyday clothing.


Workers need to be able to keep their clothing and personal effects safe. This may be in a site office or even a van on smaller sites, providing they are kept secure.

Rest and eating

Workers need an area to rest and eat. These should have:

  • enough tables and seats (with backs) for the number of workers likely to use them at any one time
  • facilities to prepare and eat food and a way of boiling water
  • ventilation in the summer and heating in the winter. Properly maintained electrical equipment can remove the risks linked to LPG heaters from carbon monoxide

Keep rest areas clean and tidy. Do not use them to store plant, equipment or materials.

Drinking water

Drinking water should always be available, clearly identified and easy to get. Use a mains supply where possible. Stored / bottled water must not become stale or contaminated. Provide cups unless the water comes from a drinking fountain etc.

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Updated 2023-04-11