Traffic management

Key messages

  • As far as possible avoid reversing. But when this is unavoidable make sure you have effective systems in place to control it.
  • As far as possible schedule vehicle movements to prevent overcrowding, of your site and surrounding roads.

Questions to ask

When you plan a traffic route, your risk assessment should include answers to these questions:

  • When will vehicles be on the route?
  • Are there enough routes to prevent overcrowding?
  • What activities are taking place and where? For example,
    • loading
    • unloading
    • tipping
    • trimming
    • sheeting
  • How will you manage demountable containers such as skips or bins?

Demountable containers

Delivering, collecting or exchanging 'demountable' containers can need complicated and repetitive vehicle movements, and you need to allow plenty of space both around and overhead. Reversing visibility is often poor as containers block the line of sight behind the vehicle.

The conditions of the site should allow for any specific requirements of hook-lift or chain-lift demountables, especially the quality of the ground and the overhead space needed.

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