Maintaining standards

Key messages

Skill and knowledge can deteriorate over time if good practice is not reinforced. Your workplace needs systems in place that will:

  • regularly assess your workers' ability to drive safely;
  • maintain agreed fitness standards; and
  • respond to the changing needs of individuals.

Supervision: questions to ask

  • Who will supervise each worker?
  • How will the worker be supervised?
  • Who will the supervisor report to?

For further information about supervision and workplace transport safety performance download Measuring Workplace Transport Safety Performance [PDF 817KB]

Maintaining standards

To maintain standards, you need management systems in place that include:

  • periodic fitness assessments;
  • monitoring sick absences;
  • line management supervision
  • accurate accident and near-miss reporting

Your company policy and procedure should answer these questions:

  • What fitness standards do you need to maintain?
  • When – and how often – will you check your workers' physical and mental fitness to drive or operate the vehicle for which they were originally employed?
  • How will you decide is a worker is no longer fit to drive or operate that vehicle?
  • If this point is reached, what action will you take?

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Updated 2023-08-07