Waste station: Safer

The key Improvement

A new management team made the site much safer for both staff and public. The biggest improvement is the addition of a barrier to prevent public access to the waste bay area. A ramp allows waste to slide down for the excavator to rake. N.B. You will need to ensure that members of the public are beyond the reach of machines and their operating arms/shovels.  Some sites have achieved this by restricting plant movements to times when the public are excluded from the area.

Other improvements

Moving the site office, and the introduction of a traffic management system ensures public vehicles and tipper lorries are segregated. A safe zone has also been created for site workers, so the excavator driver knows where they are while operating his vehicle.


The site is now much less chaotic and the public never come into contact with the excavator or other vehicles. The workers sorting the waste have a safe area to use when the excavator is in operation. The site is more efficient and the rate of throughput has increased as a consequence.

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Updated 2023-11-14