Properly prioritising inspections is a high priority for HSE in ensuring it delivers its major hazard strategy whilst supporting businesses to grow.

Therefore HSE's Energy Division Offshore aims to ensure its regulatory activity is proportionate to the risks to people, taking into account the operator's performance in controlling risks. This means that ED Offshore will inspect higher hazard installations and operators with poorer performance more frequently and in greater depth than installations and operators where risks are perceived to be better managed. 

HSE's policy is to conduct inspections in accordance with the Enforcement Policy Statement, applying the principles of the Enforcement Management Model to regulatory decision making.

  • Going to the right places.
  • Doing the right things.
  • Finishing what we start.
  • Leaving a clean record of what we have done. 

ED Offshore will prioritise which installations and operators it inspects based on inherent hazards, operator performance, and other intelligence.

Operator performance is judged against criteria set out within the following Inspection Guides:

Updated 2024-03-18