Updated guidance on vehicle lifts

8 February 2011

HSE has revised some of its guidance in two publications following legal advice from our solicitors. The changes occur in paragraphs 202 and 203 of Health and safety in motor vehicle repair and associated industries (HSG261) and on page 4 of Working safely under motor vehicles being repaired (INDG434). This advice is specific to vehicle lifts commonly used in motor vehicle repair and associated industries, and the requirements for their periodic thorough examination by a competent person.

The Lifting Equipment and Lifting Operations Regulations 1998 (LOLER) specify the periods between these thorough examinations in regulation 9(3). The changes to these publications clarify:

  • what is required under LOLER;
  • what is recommended by competent persons;
  • what is generally accepted within the MVR industry;
  • the importance of risk assessment in evaluating the risks to people working below elevated vehicles in deciding the time period between thorough examinations.

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