This page contains advice on where to go if you have any enquiries on health and safety in MVR or associated industries.

HSE publications

There are many free and priced publications specific to MVR which contain advice on the hazards associated with the industry and the precautions which can be taken to reduce the risk of injury and ill health. More general free publications can be downloaded from the free leaflet section of this website. HSE's priced publications are available from booksellers or through HSE Books.

Site specific guidance

For guidance and advice on local site-specific issues, contact can be made direct to your nearest HSE office or Local Authority (LA) office (see local telephone directory). The HSE is responsible for enforcing health and safety legislation at most MVR workplaces. Where the main activity is tyre or exhaust fitting, car sales or valeting the LA should be contacted, usually the Environmental Health/Services Dept.

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Updated 2022-09-28