Workplace transport

Workplace transport accidents frequently involve reversing vehicles. Both employees and customers are at risk and injuries can be fatal.

Person walking across roadway
Separating vehicles and pedestrians
  • keep vehicles and pedestrians apart if at all possible
  • provide safe parking for customers
  • ensure vehicles are driven slowly in/out and around the workplace (and consider the training of drivers for specialist vehicles eg motability and performance cars)
  • reduce the need for reversing (especially across public footpaths and onto a public highway), including one way systems within larger premises
  • provide safe 'reception' areas for customers (and safe viewing areas which are required for MOT testing)
  • provide blind spot mirrors as necessary particularly around corners of buildings

Case study

  • A motability car was being driven around the garage yard by an untrained driver. The car controls were in unfamiliar positions and when the driver wanted to brake he operated the accelerator pedal.
  • Driver/shunter working at the rear of a minibus in a vehicle wash, was crushed against the back of his vehicle by another bus driven into the wash.
  • Employee was struck by moving vehicle while walking across the garage yard. There was no system in place to segregate vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Motor car was being reversed out of a workshop when it struck a pedestrian who was walking outside the doorway.

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Updated 2024-06-11