There is widespread potential for work-related ill health in MVR bodyshops. Many of the substances used require careful storage, handling and control. 

In particular, isocyanate-containing paints have, for many years, been the biggest cause of occupational asthma in the UK and the industry (as a whole) is also in the top 10 industry's for cases of disabling dermatitis. Paints containing isocyanate are used extensively in MVR as almost all motor vehicle repair bodyshops use 2-pack or "2K" isocyanate-containing paints. Isocyanates are used in some water-based paints, most base coats and almost all lacquers.  'Water-based' does not mean 'isocyanate-free', just that it is emulsion based and has reduced levels of solvents.

Also see Common MVR Topics for other relevant issues to bodyshops for example harmful dusts and hand arm vibration etc

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Updated 2021-02-01