Rehabilitation case studies

  1. Spine injuries and concussion resulting from slip and fall from back of lorry
  2. Severe post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following severe burns to hands trapped in machine
  3. Knee injury following 7.7m fall from height through trap door
  4. Knee injury following slip on wet floor
  5. Knee injury following trip over waste material on floor
  6. Lower back injury following slip/trip on uneven tile
  7. Groin injury (hernia) while moving heavy machinery
  8. Amputation of right arm and leg resulting from serious road accident
  9. Back pain caused by slipped discs
  10. Acute knee pain and associated disability affecting mobility and car driving
  11. Recovery from heart attack
  12. Rehabilitation from type 2 diabetes
  13. Low back injury caused by lifting, exacerbated by a trip
  14. Back pain caused by lifting
  15. Back pain resulting in long-term absence (30 weeks)
  16. Lower back pain in ‘shunter’ driver
  17. Back injury caused by lifting trays from a machine

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Updated 2023-06-15