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European CEN 'C' standards for food machinery safety

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The British Standards listed below provide the safety design requirements for food processing machinery.

Most of these Standards have been updated since publication (e.g. BSEN453:2000 was updated in 2009 to become BSEN453:2000 + A1:2009). These regular +A1, +A2 etc. updates are not shown on the tables below.

The Standards are based on European CEN Standards and are available from British Standards Institution Tel: 020 8996 9001

Generic standards for all food machines  
Hygiene requirements (for all food machines) BSEN 1672-2:2005
Safety requirements (for all food machines) In draft as a prEN 1672-1
Food depositors In draft as prEN 15180
Bakery machinery  
Dough mixers BSEN 453:2000
Planetary mixers BSEN 454:2000
Rotary rack ovens BSEN 1673:2000
Dough & pastry brakes BSEN 1674:2000
Moulders BSEN 12041:2000
Intermediate provers BSEN 12043:2000
Pie and tart machines BSEN 13390:2002
Automatic dividers BSEN 12042:2005
Bowl lifting and tilting machines BSEN 13288:2005
Mixers with horizontal shafts BSEN 13389:2005
Fixed deck oven loaders BSEN 13591:2005
Bread slicers BSEN 13954:2005
Meat machinery  
Mincing machines BSEN 12331:2003
Circular saw machines BSEN 12267:2003
Band saw machines BSEN 12268:2003
Filling machines BSEN 12463:2004
Derinding, skinning and membrane removal machines BSEN 12355:2003
Rotating bowl cutters BSEN 12855:2003
Portable/hand guided machines with mechanically driven cutting tools BSEN 12984:2005
Mixing machines BSEN 13570:2005
Chop cutting machines BSEN 13870:2005
Curing injection machines BSEN 13534:2006
Cube cutting machinery BSEN 13871:2005
Forming machines In draft as prEN 15165
Automatic back splitting machines BSEN 15166:2008
Clipping machines BSEN 13885:2005
Smokehouses BSEN 15861:2012
Edible oils and fats  
Centrifuges for processing edible oils and fats BSEN 12505:2000
Raw materials crushers & kneaders In draft
Pasta machinery  
Spreader, stripping and cutting machines BSEN 13379:2001
Driers and coolers BSEN 13289:2001
Pasta presses BSEN 13378:2001
Grinding & processing flour & semolina BSEN 14958:2006
Processing fresh and filled pasta BSEN 15774:2010
Fish processing machinery  
Fish heading & filleting machines In draft as prEN 15467
Cereal processing  
No standards currently planned  
Dairy machinery  
Bulk milk coolers on farms BSEN 13732:2002
Catering machinery  
Slicing machines BSEN 1974:1998
Vegetable cutting machines BSEN 1678:1998
Catering attachments for machines having an auxiliary drive hub BSEN 12851:2005
Food processors and blenders BSEN 12852:2001
Hand held blenders and whisks BSEN 12853:2001
Beam mixers BSEN 12854:2003
Vegetable peelers BSEN 13208:2003
Salad dryers BSEN 13621:2004
Cooking kettles with powered stirrers BSEN 13886:2005
Baguette slicing machines BSEN 14655:2005
Dishwashing machines with conveyor BSEN 14957:2006

Other useful British Standards:

Protective clothing  
Protective clothing – protection against cuts and stabs by hand knives  
Part 1: Chain mail gloves and arm guards BSEN 1082-1:1997
Part 2: Gloves and arm guards (non chain mail) BSEN 1082-2:2000
Protective clothing - gloves and arm guards protecting against cuts by powered knives BSEN 14328:2005
Protective clothing – aprons, trousers and vests protecting against cuts and stabs by hand knives BSEN ISO 13998:2003
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