Case 5: Knee injury following trip over waste material on floor


Leading bakery retailer with over 1,000 shops nationwide. The business has a divisional structure with central bakeries around the country each supplying the shops in their surrounding areas.


In August 2006 a 36 year old worker tripped over waste material which had been left on the floor, injuring her left knee.


OHA were notified of the accident in September 2006. The employee was referred for physiotherapy treatment which commenced two weeks later. She returned to work during the treatment and resumed her normal job following completion of treatment, having made a full recovery.

Cost of treatment and savings

£164 for physiotherapy.

Return to work occurred after one month, some 4-6 weeks earlier than if occupational health advice and physiotherapy had not been in place. No claim against the company was intimated.

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    Updated 2023-06-15