Slips on wet and contaminated floors

Injury statistics

Slips and trips injuries comprise 35% of 'major' injuries in the food and drink industries (e.g. causing a broken arm or requiring hospitalisation). Slips injuries are more prevalent in the food and drink industries than in most other industries.

For both major and over-3-day absence injuries combined, slips and trips comprise nearly 25% of food and drink industry injuries reported to HSE. This represents around 1,300 injuries per year, of which approximately 80% are slips and 20% trips.

Main causes of slip and trip injuries

It is a common misconception that slip injuries just happen and that little can be done about it. However years of experience now shows that slip prevention can be managed effectively and can cut injuries by 50% or more, significantly reducing costs.

Most slips (90%) occur when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with food product.

Most trips (75%) are caused by obstructions, the remainder by uneven surfaces.

Managing the risk

Prevention of slips

Prevention of trips

Updated 2021-08-31