Packaging machinery - in all manufacturing industries

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Industries using packaging machines

Packaging machines are used in most manufacturing industries. The largest proportion are used in the food/drink manufacturing industries, with the pharmaceutical industries the second largest user. 

Injuries at packaging machines 

Because of their widespread nature it is not possible to pinpoint an injury rate for any particular type of machine. However an analysis of machinery accidents investigated by HSE in the food/drink industries has established the classes of machines listed below require particular attention. Injuries arising from the use, maintenance or clearing blockages at packaging machines can be severe or even fatal (for example with palletizers).


Thermoform, fill and seal machines

Around 50% of injuries are caused by failures in guarding the two main hazard areas:

The major causative factors are:

Guidance on injury prevention is given in:

Palletisers and depalletisers

Guidance on injury prevention is given in:

Pre-formed rigid container machines

Guidance on injury prevention is given in:

Wrapping machines

Pallet wrapping machines

Group packaging machines

Strapping machines

Noise measurement methods for packaging machines

Availability of BS EN standards

Copies of published BS EN standards (but not those in preparation) are available from:

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Updated 2022-02-16