Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum

This trilateral forum, set up in 2004, is a partnership between key food/drink trade associations, trade unions and HSE. Bi-annual meetings are used to discuss, prioritise and drive forward a range of health and safety initiatives, with members working together to further reduce injuries and occupational ill health.

The Forum works with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) to organise an annual food and drink manufacturing health and safety conference.


Common strategy

The FDMF’s work is guided by its Mission Statement (with membership terms of reference) and its Common Strategy for improving health and safety in food and drink manufacturing. The Strategy’s main objectives are:

  • a year-on-year reduction in the overall industry rate of ill health and injury by 10%
  • effective management of musculoskeletal disorder risks by member companies
  • effective management of slip and trip risks by member companies
  • member companies deploying an effective occupational health management system
  • member companies to provide effective leadership and worker engagement on health and safety


Through initiatives under this Common Strategy, FDMF members are continuing to work together to develop voluntary tools which can be used by food and drink manufacturing companies to manage key industry hazards.

The action plan and key performance indicators (KPIs) for slips and trip hazards will:

  • help to plan, control and monitor slip and trip hazards
  • provide examples of sensible and reasonably practicable arrangements for controlling slips and trips

A musculoskeletal disorder signposting paper directs food and drink manufacturing companies to sources of HSE and FDMF information which will help to assess and control these risks.

A case study template provides a means for FDMF members to share experiences and knowledge, as well as communicating successful ways of reducing injuries and ill health. All FDMF members are encouraged to promote it and learn through its use.

Case studies

You can find examples of FDMF case studies which show how businesses have found solutions to tackle health and safety problems in the food and drink industry.

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Updated 2024-06-06