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What you need to do

The law on construction health and safety requires action to protect those at work on site and members of the public who may be affected. The key safety and health topics which require attention are covered in these webpages.

There are a number legal requirements concerning notifications, risk assessments, safety plans and examination reports etc. that must be also produced or submitted.

Key aspects are:

What you need to know


Risk assessments

CDM construction phase plan and health and safety file

Thorough examination reports

There are strict legal requirements concerning the thorough examination of all lifting equipment eg cranes and slings etc. Records of thorough examinations and tests must be: readily available to enforcing authorities; secure; and capable of being reproduced in written form.

Inspection reports

Excavations, scaffolds, ladders and fall arrest systems etc must all be inspected at specified times with reports prepared and retained.

Method statements

The arrangements for carrying out demolition, dismantling or structural alteration must be recorded in writing before the work begins. This is usually achieved by means of a method statement that can be generated from a risk assessment. Such statements are prepared for many higher risk construction activities eg roof work.

Injuries and dangerous occurrences

Death and injury accidents that occur on site must be recorded and reported to HSE in certain cases under Riddor. The same applies to specified dangerous occurrences.