Visiting drivers

Some of the checks and procedures outlined for contractors will also apply to visiting drivers.

It is important to make sure that visiting drivers are aware of the layout of the workplace, the route they need to take, and relevant procedures for safe working, for example about parking and unloading.

  • Take account of the fact that delivery drivers may visit the site rarely, and may only be on site for a short time.
  • Drivers should not have to go anywhere that could be dangerous to move to or from their vehicles, or places they need to go (for example if they need access to lavatory and washing facilities).

The employer at a workplace should liaise and co-operate with the employers of visiting drivers, to co-ordinate the measures that need to be taken for everyone to comply with their Health & Safety responsibilities. For example:

  • To provide safe access to a vehicle for loading or unloading.
  • To provide suitable equipment, for example for drivers delivering at retail outlets to unload safely.
  • To ensure that vehicles and the ground they have to use are suitable for safe working.

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