HSE and the ports industry

Logistics sector strategy

The HSE Strategy (The Health and Safety of Great Britain - Be Part of the Solution) provides the overall strategic framework for maintaining and improving Great Britain's health and safety performance

Within the framework of the HSE Strategy, individual sector strategies have been developed, with stakeholder involvement, to guide HSE's proactive work.

The Logistics Sector Strategy covers ports, road haulage and postal/courier services. It sets out a series of aims grouped under the goals of the HSE Strategy which, if met would address 'what' needs to be done to improve the Sector's health and safety performance.

The Logistics Sector Strategy is steered by the Logistics Strategy Forum.

Operational units

HSE has a number of operational inspectors and visiting staff who deal with the industry by a range of methods including:


Head of Sector - Vincent Joyce

The Sector takes an active role in dealing with the industry by:

Updated 2019-11-27