Container examination schemes

Approved Continuous Examination Programme (ACEP) Periodic Examination Scheme (PES)

Containers should be regularly examined for their safety and suitability for use in accordance with:

Both schemes require containers to undergo regular examinations, carried out to the same standard and in the same manner. The difference lies only in the frequency with which the examinations are necessary:

Operators are permitted to apply for either or both ACEP and PES approval and may operate their fleets under either or both arrangements.

Inspections under both schemes must be carried out by a competent person and cover the following aspects of the container:

HSE approves examination schemes for owners or lessees of containers in Great Britain. Organisations wishing to obtain approval for an examination scheme should consider the instructions found in the document 'Conditions for approval of examination schemes or programmes' (The Yellow guide) below, and provide HSE with the following information and assurances:

HSE's approved container examination schemes

Please visit the list of current HSE approved examination schemes. It confirms the allocated plate number and the last known company name and address.

Further information

To request approval of an examination scheme, contact HSE at [email protected]

Updated 2022-12-02