HSE's mission and strategy

HSE's mission is to prevent death, injury and ill-health in Great Britain's workplaces - by becoming part of the solution.

HSE launched a new long-term Strategy document in June 2009 which identifies 10 goals in the following key areas:

  • to investigate work-related accidents and ill health and take enforcement action when appropriate
  • to encourage strong leadership in championing the importance of, and a common-sense approach to, health and safety in the workplace
  • to focus on the core aims of health and safety to help risk makers and managers distinguish between real health and safety issues and trivial or ill-informed criticism
  • to encourage an increase in competence thereby promoting sensible and proportionate risk management
  • to reinforce the promotion of worker involvement and consultation in health and safety matters
  • to target key health and safety issues and to identify and work with those bodies best placed to assist in injury/ill health reduction
  • to set priorities to identify which activities deliver a significant reduction in deaths and accidents
  • to adapt and customise approaches to help the increasing number of SMEs comply with health and safety obligations
  • to reduce the likelihood of low frequency, high impact catastrophic incidents while ensuring GB maintains strategically important industries
  • to take account of wider issues that impact on health and safety to further improve GB's health and safety performance

In addition to the new HSE Strategy, HSE sets out its corporate responsibilities in its Corporate H&S Plan.

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Updated 2023-06-15