Task description form

The task description form is used to record information about the task that you will need to make the assessment.

To complete the task description form:

  • Describe the repetitive task so that others will be able to identify it.
  • Determine which side of the body is primarily involved and decide whether to make an assessment of both the left arm and the right arm, or just the arm that is predominately involved in the task. If there is any doubt, assess both arms.
  • Determine how often the task is repeated. This should be done by observing the task. It might also be helpful to use information about the production rate if this is available.
  • Determine the length of time that a worker performs the task without a break and the length of time that a worker performs the task in a typical day or shift. To do this, you may find the timeline helpful to mark the times when the repetitive task is performed and when any breaks or pauses occur. You will need to consider the timing of meal breaks, other official breaks, other pauses (eg during pauses in production) and any time spent performing other non-repetitive tasks (eg visual inspection tasks).

For example, here is a completed task description form:

Example of a completed task form

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Updated: 2020-11-10