Improving the physical environment


Use low vibration equipment.

Ensure that tools are well maintained so as to reduce excess vibration.

Purchase tools with vibration damping or add vibration damping to existing tools.

Minimise the amount of time that workers are using vibrating tools.

Ensure workers are trained in the risks associated with vibration.

More specific guidance on the management of hand arm vibration can be found in HSE publications, and on the HSE Vibration at work web pages.

Temperature and ventilation

Thermal conditions in the workplace should be such that all workers are reasonably comfortable regardless of seasonal variance.

Avoid positioning workstations in the vicinity of air vents as draughts may cause discomfort.

Ensure that tools and products handled by workers are not unduly cold.

Vision and lighting

Ensure task illumination is at a level that allows the worker to view the work pieces comfortably without squinting or altering their posture.

Shadows, reflections, flickering lights and glare should also be controlled as they often cause people to adopt awkward postures.

All light sources should be regularly maintained.

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Updated: 2021-10-11