Weaving and warping machinery

Weaving machinery

Weaving machinery should have:

Check the British Standards that apply to weaving machinery.

Warping machinery

Warping machinery should have:

Unless there are strong technical reasons to the contrary, the beam on all sectional-warping machines should be overwound when beaming off.  The beaming off side of all machines should be fitted with a horizontal trip bar, or a trip wire that will stop the machine if displaced.  Alternatively, some other equally effective means may be provided to prevent inadvertent access to the beam while it is in motion.  Beams with broken flanges should be repaired before beaming off.

In-running nips between pressure rollers and the beam have caused fatal injury.  Access should be prevented by fixed guarding or, if this is not possible, by means of a photo-cell, sensitive mat or other suitable trip device.

Check the British Standards that apply to warping machinery.

Updated 2020-07-30