Fabric-cutting machinery

  • Danger areas should be clearly marked and access restricted by barriers, especially at cutting tables
  • Warning signals should be fitted to indicate when blade is in motion on motorised and automatic cutting tables
  • Trip guards or other devices in operation should be used to prevent access where lay up machines are in use
  • Machines should be fitted with automatic adjustable guards to fully cover the exposed part of the cutting blade
  • Make sure that electrical conductors in good condition
  • Five-finger chain mail gloves should be available for use that fit all operators and worn at all times during cutting work and when handling blades
  • Regularly check the condition of the light, guard and table fittings
  • Put an effective cleaning system in operation that prevents build up of fluff, fly and off cuts
  • Document a safe system of work for changing and disposing of cutter blades
  • Old blades should be disposed of in a safe manner that precludes their use as DIY hand knives etc

Check the British Standards that apply to fabric cutting machinery.

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Updated 2023-04-04