Atmospheric dyeing machinery

Atmospheric dyeing machinery should have:

Screen printing machines

Screen printing machines should have:

High temperature dyeing machines

High temperature dyeing machines (HTDMs) are considered to be machines with an operating temperature of 100C or more. Additionally, if the temperature exceeds 110C, the chamber of the dyeing machines falls within the scope of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000.

HSE Guidance provides advice on safeguarding standards, safe operating procedures, maintenance and users duties under PSSR.

Recently, HSE's Textiles Sector Group identified that injuries were continuing to occur at HTDMs. In particular, there were a number of incidents associated with the failure to maintain the safety devices at the door locking mechanisms. A visit programme was therefore undertaken to look into this problem.

Several instances were found of serious defects in the safety devices at multi-bolted and quick opening doors. In the main these had been damaged or defeated by misuse. HSE inspectors issued prohibition notices on some of the machines, while with others repairs were carried out immediately to allow the machines to be used. The majority of these defects should have been identified and brought to the attention of appropriate people by the operators of the plant. A properly implemented preventive maintenance scheme should also identify such defects before a potentially dangerous situation could arise.

The findings of this investigation were disappointing in that the level of compliance with legislation and guidance together with the condition of the plant and the effectiveness of maintenance itself was poor.

As a result, efforts are now being made through publicity to raise awareness of the standards in PM4 within in the dyeing industry.

High pressure dyeing machines should have:

Check the British Standards that apply to dyeing machinery.

Updated 2021-05-11