Sewing machines

  • Make sure that robust needle guards fitted and used
  • Carry out a risk assessment on the provision of eye guards
  • Check that lighting is adequate and stays on when the motor is switched off, eg for safe threading.
  • Vee belt and pulley drives are guarded
  • Seating allows for good posture and ease of movement
  • Electrical wiring is supplied from overhead or otherwise to avoid cables on floors
  • Where automated making-up machines are in use, give special consideration to additional guarding requirements
  • Put a system in place to inspect guards, needles and work areas on a weekly basis
  • Guards should be adjusted for each individual operator's finger size
  • A safe system of work includes removing feet from treadle when threading and changing needles
  • Power should be switched off when carrying out adjustments and needle changing

Check the British Standards that apply to sewing machines.

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Updated 2020-07-30