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HSE has operational inspectors who deal with the quarry industry on a day to day basis. The Inspectors form the National Quarries Inspection Team (NQIT) and use a range of methods including:

  • Onsite inspections (announced and unannounced).
  • Investigation of accidents and complaints.
  • Providing guidance and support at visits, by phone or letter and at quarry industry events, exhibitions etc.
  • Enforcement where necessary.


The Sector function for quarries now forms part of the NQIT team, based in HSE's Northampton office it deals specifically with quarries and opencast coal sites.

Quarry Section

This Section is responsible for policy, legal and generic health and safety issues relating to the quarrying and opencast coal industries as well as stakeholder engagement activities, as part of which it takes an active role in dealing with key stakeholders including:

  • Providing support, advice and guidance at a national level to HSE operational inspectors
  • Developing and helping deliver HSE's plan of work for manufacturing industries
  • Developing strategies to meet the Government's Revitalising Health and Safety targets on reducing injuries and occupational ill health
  • Monitoring the health and safety performance of the industry
  • Working with key industry stakeholders (eg trade associations, trade unions, professional institutions and committees such as the QNJAC) to improve health and safety
  • Producing published guidance for the industry in consultation with key stakeholders

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Updated 2022-05-21