Topic area 8: Managing the health and safety contractors

Estimated Duration: 1 Hour


  • To define what is meant by a contractor and to outline the types and role of contractors in the quarrying industry;
  • To outline the duties, roles and responsibilities of companies and contractors
  • To outline the principals of managing the health and safety of contractors prior to, and during their work on site
  • To introduce the Contractor Passport scheme currently being initiated by the quarrying industry.

Lecture Plan

1. Types of Contractor

Major contracts - large expenditure and long period on site

  • Medium/Minor Contracts - substantial expenditure
  • Casual Contracts - low expenditure over short periods
  • Labour hire contracts - specialist labour
  • Restricted site access - deliveries etc.

2. The Quarry/Contractor Relationship

3. Duty of care - in the past it was assumed that using contractors relieved employers from their duty of care obligations.

4. Selecting Contractors

  • Preparation of the scope of the contract work and the health and safety standards which must be maintained.
  • Evaluation and assessment of the contractors tender - good record of health and safety performance, undertaking risk assessments, formal health and safety management system, established rules and procedures.

5. Post Award Phase

  • Contractor Induction and the 'Passport' scheme.
  • Ensuring the contractors are aware of specific safety requirements, hazards and risks on site
  • Implementing procedures for regular auditing of the health and safety systems and performance of the contractor
  • Monitoring the health and safety performance.

Suggested Reading & Other Resources

HSE - Managing Contractors: A Guide for Employers, HSE Books, 1997.

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