Topic area 1: Introduction to health and safety in industry

Estimated Duration: 1 Hour


  • To define the basis terminology of the subject area;
  • To outline the reasons for a safe and healthy workplace;
  • To show the accident trends in UK industry and the UK quarrying industry.

Lecture Plan

1. Basic definitions -

  • Accident - undesired circumstances which give rise to ill-health or injury, damage to property, plant, products or the environment; production losses or increased liabilities.
  • Incident - undesired circumstances and 'near misses' which could cause accidents.
  • Ill health - Acute and chronic ill health caused by physical, chemical or biological agents as well as adverse effects on mental health.
  • Hazard - The potential to cause harm. Harm including ill-health and injury, damage to property, plant, products or the environment, production losses or increased liabilities.
  • Risk - the likelihood that a specified undesired event will occur due to the realisation of a hazard by, or during work activities or by the products and services created by work.
  • Safety - the 'control of accidental loss'.

2 Reasons for preventing accidents/incidents:

  • Moral - No-one comes to work to get injured;
  • Cost - Hidden costs and the 'iceberg' concept.
  • Legal. - duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 and associated Regulations

3 Accident statistics and trends

  • UK Industry as a whole;
  • UK Industry by type of accident;
  • UK Quarrying Industry as a whole;
  • UK Quarrying Industry by type of accident.

Suggested Reading & Other Resources

  • Bird FE and Germain GL - Practical Loss Control Leadership, Institute Press, Loganville, Georgia, 1985
  • HSE - The Costs of Accidents at Work, HS(G) 96, HSE Books, 1997
  • Davies MV and Teasdale P - The Costs to the British Economy of Work Accidents and Work Related Ill Health, HSE Books, 1994.
  • HSC - Health and Safety at Quarries - The Quarry Regulations 1999 Approved Code of Practice, HSE Books, 1999.

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