Health & safety management lecturing resource for quarrying related degree courses


This Education and Training Course has been produced by EPIC (NTO) Ltd., the National Training Organisation for the Extractive and Minerals Processing Industries, on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive, with the assistance of the Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter), and the active participation of the other Higher Education establishments serving the sector, professional bodies, and employers in the sector.

This course fully meets the objective within "Revitalising Health and Safety", the joint Health and Safety Commission and Department for Environment, Transport and the Regions Strategy Statement of June 2000 "to ensure that safety-critical professionals receive adequate education in risk management".

The course also forms part of the Extractive and Minerals Processing Industries Hard Targets initiative to drive down the number of accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences in the sector.

The course is intended to be a mandatory element within all quarries-related Higher or Further Education syllabi in Britain. It is expected that each institution will integrate it into their programmes of learning in the most efficient manner, adding additional lectures, resources, practical sessions, examples and exercises as appropriate to their individual specialisms. Similarly the form of assessment will be at the discretion of the institution, although it is intended that this will include the assessment of a Health and Safety Document, as defined within the Quarries Regulations 1999 Approved Code of Practice, produced by each student.

Consequently, although Crown Copyright, it is the wish of the Health and Safety Executive that EPIC (NTO) Ltd. and all the Higher and Further Education institutions using the materials freely copy and distribute the materials within it, in order to best meet the objective of ensuring graduates in quarries-related disciplines are fully aware of the principals of risk management and their responsibilities as managers and professionals.


This resource pack outlines a series of lecture plans and resources for a course of lectures designed to give students an introduction to health and safety management in quarrying operations. These lectures are designed to supplement a more general module on health and safety that would incorporate other health and safety related topics such as legislation.

Overall learning outcomes

Subject Specific Skills

At the end of the proposed syllabus students will:

  • Have gained an understanding of the concepts of health and safety in industry and the aetiology of accidents (in particular the role of human error).
  • Have gained an understanding of the importance of managing health and safety like any other part of the business, as well as the concepts and components of a health and safety management system.
  • Be able to draft a 'health and safety document' as required by the Quarries Regulations, 1999.
  • Be able to facilitate a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment and accident/incident investigation.

Core Academic Skills

To appreciate the ever increasing role of health and safety in industry and be able to design and implement effective health and safety systems to minimise exposure to risk.

Personal and Key Skills

Independent study, acquisition of information and presentation in written form.

Topic areas

The series of lectures are based around the following topic areas.

The numbers in brackets indicate the approximate number of 1 hour lectures.


The Resource Pack includes:

  • Suggested Lecture Plans: Giving the specific objectives, learning outcomes and contents of the health and safety management course (as agreed by members representing professional institutions and Universities/Colleges)
  • Student Notes: Expanding on the lecturing points and the content of the overheads.
  • Sample Overheads Provided as printable overheads and also for computer projectors (for MS Powerpoint)


The Health and Safety Executive and EPIC (NTO) Ltd. wish to express their gratitude to:

  • Camborne School of Mines, The University of Exeter,
    for preparing the course notes and resources.

They also wish to thank all the other educational institutions, professional bodies, and employers who assisted, namely:

  • Doncaster College
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Glamorgan
  • University of Leeds
  • Institute of Quarrying
  • Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
  • Philip Brain Associates
  • E & JW Glendinning Ltd.
  • S. Grundon (Services) Ltd.
  • Tarmac (Western)

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